A Little Too Young

I am easily the youngest resident in the medicine department. Most of my interns are a little older than I am. In five feet 2 inches, and my fragile frame, it’s often hard for people to take me seriously, especially as a doctor. I breezed through med school and started my residency program right away. My age had always been something I try to hide from patients. There is something incongruent about young and medicine that doesn’t hold right with patients.So I learned to answer the question, “How old are you?”, with “old enough to be your doctor”.

    The reason why I chose to be a doctor isn’t that clear in my head. For someone who had been sick all the time, it seemed pretty ironic to want to be among the sick and the helpless. But I guess I took it as something I could finally control and conquer. Medicine became a horizon to reach. And unlike my own illness that left me as a passive witness instead of an active participant, I was able to excert a little control of the playing field. 


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