​I know your soul reached heaven and your hand is now held by God. I know you are now rejoicing for you have conquered your greatest challenge, and that is to serve your ministry without the backing of your church, to immerse and to be among the people you teach, to live their lives, and feel their brokenness. To teach the Gospel, you did not stay within the four walls of the church. You went beyond, and you became them. It is so easy to evangelize while being in a comfortable world. It is easy to be self righteous when you are protected by a life that is far from the dark, stinky alleys. It is easy to rejoice and be happy when one is whole and healthy, but not when one is lacking and in pain. You proved that you do not need a congregation to answer the calling of a ministry. You proved that you need not be strong to be other people’s strength. You conquered the odds, and you saved many lives along the way, before you made that final exit to claim your place in heaven. 
I’m sure you finally reached that place you’ve been longing for all your life. I know too that you are now singing your song, and the angels are all singing along. 🙂


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