Don’t Look Down

A poem weiten in 2014 about self harm and suicide

When you spent the night crying,

when you’ve spent your life trying,

to know where you are

to figure out where you’re going,

don’t look down…

when your heart is stricken

And you ache all over again,

When it’s confusing to figure out

What your life is all about,

Don’t look down…

When you feel like you are about to drown,

When you’ve lost everything but your crown

When the pages of your stories bleed

And your monsters are freed,

don’t look down…

When the world you built

come crashing down

and you begin to laugh

Like a crazy clown,

don’t look down…

When the music had lost its magic

and the emptiness echoes

in silent surrender

when your heart continues to beat

Like a foolish pretender

don’t look down..

Many had fallen

‘cause their wings were broken.


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