Hypocrisy and Insanity

This filthy man whose laughter is hollow

Chasing his thoughts and tracing his sorrow

A nameless footprint too many

A tiny footnote in a broken story

He cries but no one hears

The cold wind dried his tears

A broken trinket in a dispensable world

A dirty piece of tattered robe unfurled.

Maybe he knew the one called sadness

Felt the demon’s deceitful caress

But he’d gotten lost inside his own maze

His confusion hidden by an empty face

They saw his outward gruesome decay

Unworthy to walk the world they say

To the beleaguered there is great animosity

From the mediocres who’d defined acceptability

The world is torn to pieces by the jagged teeth of hypocrisy

Masked to the bones by the holographic idea of humanity

We dig graves and bury our tainted souls away

And then we resume our righteous roles in this tragic play.


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