Hypocrisy and Insanity

This filthy man whose laughter is hollow

Chasing his thoughts and tracing his sorrow

A nameless footprint too many

A tiny footnote in a broken story

He cries but no one hears

The cold wind dried his tears

A broken trinket in a dispensable world

A dirty piece of tattered robe unfurled.

Maybe he knew the one called sadness

Felt the demon’s deceitful caress

But he’d gotten lost inside his own maze

His confusion hidden by an empty face

They saw his outward gruesome decay

Unworthy to walk the world they say

To the beleaguered there is great animosity

From the mediocres who’d defined acceptability

The world is torn to pieces by the jagged teeth of hypocrisy

Masked to the bones by the holographic idea of humanity

We dig graves and bury our tainted souls away

And then we resume our righteous roles in this tragic play.


Guitar Player ( A Song)


 I held the guitar and I’m barely breathing

With no clue what to sing, I started strumming

I closed my eyes pretending to be strong

How can the world get it so very wrong?


The tune was bitter like hate spewed from broken dreams

It was ferocious resonating from a thousand screams

Around me were the cheering and dancing fools

Like shadows of mindless, graveyard ghouls.


I strummed until the dead sings

I strummed until it no longer stings

I strummed until the ghosts go away

I strummed until I could no longer play.


And I’m still not okay…

I can no longer play

I can no longer play…

Save Me

How close can you capture sadness while I laugh in your face? While I dance around you, swinging and swirling like a stranger to sorrows? How close do you need to hold me to understand that while I blaze like a huge bonfire in the night, I am freezing cold? How close do I have to be for you to see that I am a void I have no idea how to fill?
A black hole resides inside of me and I am pulled in little by little until nothing of me is left , and I hold onto your hands hoping you still have the strength to pull be back. I hold unto your heart hoping that it could beat for the two of us, while mine rests for awhile. 
How much of me would stay to catch another day close its eyes? To bid it goodnight without actually believing that I’d still be around to see it wake up. How much of me could continue tickling the world while a thorn stays imbedded within my soul? How much of me could still keep up?
Do you see me, the real me, with all the shadows and sad memories? Will you trace my scars and say I am still lovely? I am being consumed and I need you to save me. I need you to want to save me.

To Wonder

Sometimes I wonder

If the world outside is tamer

Than the world I came to know

If the noise outside is louder

Than the whispers of long ago

Sometimes I wonder

If the heart remembers

Longer than the mind forgets

Like the flickers of dying embers

Like the scar a wound begets

Sometimes I wonder

If daybreak chases the shadows

While dreaming about the coming night

A bright curtain hides immense sorrows

A veil of blackness against a blinding light

Don’t Look Down

A poem weiten in 2014 about self harm and suicide

When you spent the night crying,

when you’ve spent your life trying,

to know where you are

to figure out where you’re going,

don’t look down…

when your heart is stricken

And you ache all over again,

When it’s confusing to figure out

What your life is all about,

Don’t look down…

When you feel like you are about to drown,

When you’ve lost everything but your crown

When the pages of your stories bleed

And your monsters are freed,

don’t look down…

When the world you built

come crashing down

and you begin to laugh

Like a crazy clown,

don’t look down…

When the music had lost its magic

and the emptiness echoes

in silent surrender

when your heart continues to beat

Like a foolish pretender

don’t look down..

Many had fallen

‘cause their wings were broken.


A poem about people who look death in the eye daily

Follow the flies they say

When you are stalking death

Find where they lay

Follow the stench of her breath

Probe her deeper,

know her story

When the juice of death effuses

Let the ghost free

Her eyes are glazed

Like windows to an empty room

An abandoned old house

That had witnessed enough doom.

Follow the shadows

To touch darkness

Surrender your horror

To feel death’s caress.